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My Italian Family, a company specializing in family research and Italian dual citizenship services, helps us understand how you can be eligible for an Italian passport. Having an Italy-born Ancestor is one of the requirements, but sadly not the only one; the good news is that there is no limit in the number of generations you can go back, as.

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1. General Information. At the Consulate General of Italy in Toronto, unless there are impediments, passports are issued on the same day of the appointment, shortly after acquiring biometric data of the applicant. This "express" service is possible only if the applicant is registered with AIRE with an updated residence address in this.

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Italian Passport Photo Requirements. Your Italian passport photo size should be 4.5cm x 2.5cm. Not only should the Italian passport picture size be correct, it must be taken on a white background within the last six months. Supply two photos that meet these requirements with your application. How Much Is a Passport from Italy?

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All Italian citizens can apply for an Italian passport through the Italian General Consulate in London by booking an appointment in advance or in the event of a proven emergency. For further information, please read the main passport page. 10. My passport has been seized due to being reported stolen. How can I get it back?

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Documents required. 1. Two identical colour photos, front-facing, passport-size (35x45mm), taken no more than 6 months prior to applying. 2. Identification document: most recent Italian passport or, if the Italian passport is expired or the applicant never had an Italian passport, a valid identification document such as a Canadian passport.

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The following documents are required to apply for an Italian passport: A valid travel document or national ID card [e.g., driver's license or Electronic Identity Card (eID card)] An Italian passport application form provided by the Questura (local police headquarters) or by the nearest consulate in your home country.

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What you need to apply for your Italian passport: form for applicants over 18 years of age duly filled out (Application Form); 2 passport photos (recent, identical, size 3.5 x 4.0 cm, white background, face front and centered, neutral expression); Your previous Italian passport, unless it is your first passport, or in the event of loss/theft.

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1) their most recent Italian passport, if applicable, whether valid or expired; if expired, a second piece of government-issued ID will also be needed (eg Driver's Licence, passport of a second country, Italian ID, etc.); 3) payment of the consular fee (see below).

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Passports for adult applicants are valid for 10 years. In order to apply for a passport appointment with this Consulate you must be: an Italian citizen. registered with AIRE with an updated residence address in this consular district. The consular jurisdiction of this Consulate consists of: Manitoba, the North West Territories and Ontario, with.

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Italian citizens may apply for a passport to be issued at any issuing office, either in Italy or abroad. In particular cases, the passport may be issued by an Office other than the Office of residence.. Expired passports can no longer be renewed. Documentation needed for issuing an ordinary passport: passport application form, duly completed.

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In order to book an appointment to request a passport at the Consulate General in London, presupposes as a requirement that the Italian citizen is regularly registered in the London AIRE catchment area ( Registry of Italians Resident Abroad ). Prior to applying for a passport, please ensure that your birth certificate has been formally.

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These are so called "Case Law", formed by Italian Courts, because Italian Law 91/92 didn't (and still don't) recognize the right to claim Italian Citizenship by descent when it is the woman in the family line, and that female ancestor had her child before 1948s. . This situation was declared discriminatory by several Italian Courts, but.

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The applicant must register on the portal of the Ministry of the Interior called ALI, at the following link. After logging in, you will be given access to the online procedure to apply for Italian citizenship. The diplomatic or consular delegation territorially competent for the applicant's place of residence will verify the documentation.

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1. Through the Prenot@MI portal: you need to have an account (otherwise you create it) in order to book an appointment. You have to use your exactly personal details when you create an account. This portal is reserved for adult citizens only, while minors will be linked with the parent/guardian's account, like "Additional applicant's data.

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The Italian passport has a validity of 10 years. For first passport and passport renewal requests you need to present: Passport request form. 2 passport-sized photographs not more than 6 months old (you can obtain them from the Australian Post Office). Valid ID document or the latest Italian Passport (where applicable) IMPORTANT: Australian.

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A valid travel document (visa) or other identification documents (National ID card). Criminal background check from Italy & any other country you have resided in, before the age of 14. An Italian passport application form from your local police headquarters or the nearest Italian embassy in your home country.